About Me

Have you been a bad boy…? Explore your kinky fantasies and release the seductive, whip-lashing Domina within me. I would love to tie you up and leave you quivering with excitement. If you are intrigued by the erotic appeal of female domination, your experience with me will be an absolute delight.  

Tell me your secrets and I will take you beyond the limitations of the masculine role. Tell me your desires and I will create a sensual experience that is more erotic than you have ever known.

My sessions can be intensely sensual and my charm and good humour will persuade you to reveal your darkest secrets. If you are experienced, we will attempt to quench your every thirst, - even the un-confessed.

Sensual, erotic, and dominating. I'm the femme fatale of your fantasies. I love to intimidate my underlings and seduce men. I'm simply your unattainable mistress who allows you to worship at her feet, - if you are my obedient slave.

Discover your limits with breathtaking intensity and absolutely genuine dominance. I will discover all your deepest fantasies and guide you to that place where submission is ecstasy.

Need something a little slower?  Interested in the ecstasy of prostate play? Extended arousal? Tantric massage and the art of touch seem to be a forte of mine.  Warm oils, soft music, my hands exploring every inch of your body - sounds divine - come lay down and be the center of the universe for a while.

Please feel free to contact me with your specific need. 
I offer a gentle, patient, safe, sanitary, and unrushed experience.

When you're ready to explore contact me...
This is a service for those discriminating gentlemen who can appreciate a true goddess.
I ONLY accept bookings strictly on an appointment basis with advance notice. For my security, all new callers will be screened and I DO NOT ACCEPT calls from restricted numbers. Serious inquiries only!

Name: Emma Main City: Phoenix, AZ Sex: Female Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual Body Type: Curvy Chest: 38DDD Height: 5' 5" Race/Ethnic: Irish Age: 35 Availability: Incalls 1st Language: English Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Changes on a whim... Hair Type: Curly Hair Length: Shoulder-Length Body Piercings: A few Breast Implants: No Tattoos?: Many Smokes?: No Porn Star?: No Likes: Gifts, Generous clients, Good hygiene, Sophistication, Sense of humor, Mature, respectful gentlemen, Good wines, Champagne, Chocolates, Fine dining, Well-groomed, Punctual Dislikes: Bad breath,, Aggressiveness, Rude behavior, Clients who are late, Bargaining my prices, Drug/alcohol users, Smoking, Bad attitude, Body odor, Strong cologne, Strong cologne, Bad manners, Arrogance, Clients who don't show up Accept Credit Cards: Cash - Venmo - Pre-arranged Gifts Available to: Men, Women, Couples

Tantric Massage

It's a fact that men peak to orgasm quicker than women, as the very basic essence of man is to procreate and continue his bloodline. This, as you can imagine, does not create harmony with the woman. What a tantric massage does, is bring the man out of the basic state to higher energy. This is done by awakening the senses with the power of touch. This is done by gently stroking the body all over, thus switching on the thousands of tiny imaginary light bulbs that lay dormant under the surface of the skin.

In today's rat race, we tend to stray from the importance of touch, our minds being occupied by the stresses of work and daily life. Tantra can help to remind you that there is more to life than the everyday trudge, and that pleasure does in fact still exist!!

Once you enter into Tantra, you leave the 'humdrum' of the world behind, as I surround you with energy and waves of relaxation. It's an amazing de-stress as I make you feel like the King (and Queen) of the Cosmos and everything within it. I will worship your body and when you do leave your Shakti, you will leave feeling light and elated, and ready to take on whatever the rest of your day holds.

Trust me, you'll be back!

All Over Body Massage

This is more like a form of body worship, after a small amount of relaxation breathing, you will be asked to lie down to simply relax. I will slowly begin to stroke and caress you all over, with my hands, and through the healing power of a touch, I will take you out of the "think–and–do" and into the "relax–and- feel". You will feel yourself slowly melting under my hands and your breathing deepens as you drift away into a near state of unconsciousness. You will let yourself be enveloped by pleasure.

I will heighten all your senses as your nerve endings tingle all over your body. I will heighten your places of pleasure that you had forgotten existed. This will be your first step in pleasure training, and the finale of this sensual massage will be a couple of walks up "The horny mountain" ending in what we hope will be an exaggerated orgasm.

Pleasure Training

I will teach you how to lay still and be pleasured. This is often forgotten or ignored in today's sexual courtship dance, but as women have always led in tantra, it is essential for optimum effect.

Ejaculation Control

This can be useful for men who wish to pleasure their partners for a longer period of time. I will teach you, through the power of your crutia perinea muscles or pelvic floor, and breathing, how to control and prolong your orgasm.

What is "The Horny Mountain"?

It is called this, as it consists of a succession of crests and troughs of pleasure. Through the technique of ejaculation control, your pleasure scale will go up and down, and sometimes, depending on levels of control, I can keep you on a plateau. Every time you peak, taking you closer to orgasm. Until the finale, which, as all your senses are heightened and your prostate gland has been stimulated by the sperm traveling in and out of it, and all the hormones being activated, should be quite fantastic!

Prostate Massage

The prostate is a male accessory sex gland, which means it plays a helpful role in the ejaculatory/breeding function. It produces sufficient fluid volume to carry semen and sperm from the urethra, (in the male)  to the ovaries, or at least get the sperm a good start on their way. When it is massaged, it also produces testosterone which is a male hormone and can thus lead to great pleasure when massaged. It has been known to aid ejaculation when stimulated. It is not for everyone, however, but I have seen it drive some men crazy. (External only)  For internal prostate massage please see Forced Femdom in Scripted Sessions.

Couples Therapy using Tantric Massage

This is a wonderful gift between partners. I will remind you how to show each other your desires and wishes, through the healing power of touch. After the food and wine ritual, the session will go according to the objective. This is discussed in great length before the session. The ideal is to have everyone as comfortable as humanly possible, as tantra is about consenting adults. I can amongst other things, teach both partners how to massage each other with sensual and erotic techniques, and generally in the session, show you how to remind each other how special you are to one another.

Tantra between couples can be a wonderful experience - out from the world, exploring each other's deepest pleasures, and reminding one another how much you care, appreciate, and love each other.


1 HR - $225

1 1/2 HR - $325

2 HR - $425


Couples Rates:

1 1/2 HR - $600

2 HR - $900 

Bound Massage

Bound Massage is an erotic sensual journey - an exploration of senses comprised of light bondage, sensory deprivation, Tantric massage, and sensation play.

With you bound to my table and helpless, I will take over and give you what you need.  Surrender control and let me take you where I will!

 You are blindfolded, maybe gagged and specially arranged music plays. You are now ready to release all your stress and worries completely. When you have journeyed deep into yourself - my touch on your most sensitive areas will awaken every nerve, until you are begging to be let go.

Bound Massage is a mind and body-altering experience to awaken your inner desires.  I dare you to explore the rich terrain of your inner world and experience your own self-awareness.

1 hr - $275

1.5 hr - $400

2 hr - $500

each additional hour - $250 

Come to your senses and delve into ecstasy...

Curious beginner? Nervous novice? Interested in BDSM but not into the "pain"? 

Highly practiced in the arts of BDSM, I am lovely, mature, wise, and gifted with an incredibly wicked imagination. My skillfully trained hands will guide you slowly and deeply into the agony and ecstasy of sensual depravity at its finest.

Softer Side

Are you seeking a passionate liaison with a real, sophisticated classy lady skilled in the art of seduction and intimate sensuality?  I exude the essence of feminine style and sensual sophistication for those who desire a sensual luxury escort companion.  In me, you will find a voluptuous, sensual, charming, well-educated, and articulate companion who adores pampering and spoiling a gentleman.

I am available for quality luxurious quality companionship with a few discriminating affluent and mature gentlemen who desire and crave the companionship of an elegant yet down to earth very feminine companion.

Spend the day, the evening, or an hour or two with a genuine sophisticated lady.

I prefer to keep my circle of gentleman callers small so if you feel that we would be compatible for more sensual rather than BDSM times I would love to meet you in person. 

Our time together will truly be an individual experience based on a mutual exploration of intimate delights of the heart mind body and soul.  

Dark hair, Hazel Eyes, Extremely Kissable, Snuggly. I have 38DDD perky breasts, 5'5", and a very curvy figure.  I would like to develop a connection in which we both look forward to seeing one another with eager anticipation.

"I look forward to making your acquaintance and turning your desired fantasy into a true reality thus Creating a treasured memory, one that will last a lifetime".


New Patrons are encouraged to explore 1 to 4-hour options.

•-     Getting to know me (1h) – $425

•-     Extended Introductions (2h) – $800

•-     Cocktails (3h) – $1200.00

•-     Dinner & Dessert (4h) – $1650.00


•-     Getting to know me (1.5h) – $800.00

•-     Extended Introductions (2.5h) – $1400.00

•-     Cocktails (3.5h) – $2000.00

•-     Dinner & Dessert (4.5h) – $2700.00 

After hours add $250 per hour.

If I agree to go to you add $100 per hour for transportation. 

Scripted Sessions

A few of my personal favourite scenes........ 

Slave For My Desires:  $450

You enter the studio knowing that today will be a day to remember...Slowly given your instructions you come to realize that you are nothing but a toy for your Mistress. A toy to be used and abused. You are forced to fulfill my lustful desires for release after release!

She gives you her number and this is your contracted agreement. Punishments will be given if Mistress doesn’t get to release the way she wants!

Your fingers, mouth, tongue, and wee little friend are completely at the mercy of her desires...only after that are you allowed your reward. Waiting so long and working so hard to please makes you even more desperate for release so she decides to play around and toy with you for a while, even furthering your desperation. An explosive reward is given once the Lady has had her fill of her toy...It was all so worth it!

Trodden Underfoot By A Goddess: $350 + Pedicure cost

You are forced to kneel on the floor sucking and licking Mistress's shoes.

Trampling is further on her agenda....she wears high heels and also strips down to bare feet to trample her slave underfoot. You have no choice but to lie there and take what She dishes out for her own pleasure!

After a little bit of trampling fun, you are allowed to do some Foot worship...You will worship the soles of my feet bare and gorgeous, with your mouth and tongue, until they are licked clean....only to be made to release all over them and the honor of cleaning them again as your ultimate reward!  Must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

Erotic Bondage For Beginners: $400

This is the introduction that every newcomer to the world of BDSM wants to experience, my signature session and best seller of all time! The one that all of your future sessions are built from! This is only the beginning, if you are unsure of where to start in the world of fetish and fantasy my suggestion is to always start here. This experience is custom created and catered for those who want more out of their erotic encounters, to try power exchange in a light, sexy and sensual way.

 The classic long slow tease is suited to a curious beginner, the session introduces the novice into the intense world of erotic BDSM in a seductive way that gives you something to think about and build on in your journey to more intense sessions.

Light and slow, the beginner is relaxed into just enjoying the sensations and quickly forgetting any nerves they walked in with. Tied, teased, and taught how to relax into being under Mistress's verbal and physical control. Sensory deprivation heightens experience even further while your body is touched and teased all over, building up trust and pushing boundaries in an erotic way, with some exciting surprises to heighten the senses further toward our intense release to finish. You are along for the ride, not having to make decisions or "perform" as it is all about you and your experience...This is a one on one session with Mistress looking groomed, chic, and gorgeous as always.

Erotic Bondage For Ladies Session: $300 

With Male Watcher $500

Erotic bondage for ladies is a session close to my heart, I have custom created this experience with myself and every woman I have ever had the pleasure of playing with, in mind.

This session is a must for all bi-curious ladies. It is light, safe, and very very sexy.

This experience is custom created specifically for ladies who want more out of their erotic encounters and who want to try some new things.

It includes a blindfold, tie, tease, body worship, and slow sensual play along with some exciting surprises.

Using some of my favourite tantric sex techniques on a journey from head to toe, this long slow erotic tease introduces the novice into the intense world of erotic BDSM in a seductive and sensual way. Light and slow the beginner is relaxed quickly into just enjoying the sensations and forgetting any nerves they walked in with.

Fem Dom Forced Orgasms: $450

A strict bitch mistress session, this is for lovers of the traditional bitch goddess wearing towering heels, corset, and cat suit and wielding a strap-on. (All  internal anal play occurs here)  You will be deprived, forced, and ordered to release at Mistress's Will.

So I suggest you save up for at least a few days prior, do not underestimate my skills at milking you dry.

You will not be let off lightly if I don’t get what I want, I will punish you severely and possibly even punish your cock directly for not obeying my wishes. So I suggest you, and your wee little friend comply.

Now that you know the stakes, are you game to play?

The Privilege To Be Seen With Me In Public:

$1000 upfront and pre-paid for me to even bother entertaining a meeting with you, then another tribute once our little meet-up is underway! You will be allowed to take Mistress out for a limited time to her favorite local shopping destinations. You will say nothing.

Your credit card is MY property for the day, to be used as I see fit. You will supply me with the pin and I will keep it in my hot little hands for the day, just out of your reach. Maybe even taunting you with it while I SPEND SPEND SPEND! You will follow me around like the slave that you are, at my every whim you will jump.

The bewildered shop assistants will have to wonder... Upon completion of my gleeful extravaganza, I will drain the card at the ATM with glee while you helplessly watch my spending and spending until it's ALL gone. You will be given your card back empty and the receipts to take home as souvenirs to wipe your tear-stained cheeks with and use to light a fire to warm yourself with when your power bill can't be paid.

Ongoing Chastity Slavery Contract

You will find after a few sessions, you will crave to be owned full-time, fully ready to relinquish your sexuality to your one and only Lady.

This session has been created with those of you who are this desperate to be a full-time slave, your wee little friend is to be used exactly for this purpose.

In service to me as a 24/7 lifestyle, your existence will be to keep me entertained and happy.

This is an ongoing contract and will be executed by Mistress through a series of tasks, homework assignments, and in-person sessions to train and discipline when necessary.

Some will be pleasurable and others will be demanding and challenging, all part of what it really takes to serve in chastity for your mistress.

Per Month: $1500

Chastity Slavery In Person One Week Session

This is the first port of call for all slaves interested in chastity slavery on a short or long-term basis, you will experience tease and denial of the highest most potent form with a 1-week long part-time extensive session of 7 days locked in a chastity device, reporting back to your mistress on a daily basis.

You will be fitted with a chastity device at the beginning of the first session and forced to experience what it feels like to be locked in chastity while being teased by a beautiful mistress through a series of tasks, assignments, and training when necessary then sent off home for 7 days until your final release session once the week is complete.

Some tasks will be pleasurable and others will be demanding and challenging, all part of what it really takes to serve in chastity for your mistress. In service to me as a 24/7 lifestyle, your existence will be to keep me entertained and happy for 7 days. 

One Week Package: $600

Public Sissy Humiliation

Let's take a drive...The first half of this session is spent dressing you up like a proper sissy whore with all the trimmings...corset, stockings, heels, stretchy skirt, wig lots of make-up.

Once you look perfect and up to my standard, you are then taken for a ride in the evening/night.

I Drop you out on one side of the highway with a busy high-traffic bridge... I drive over the bridge to the other side and park my car...all while keeping my eye on you so you don't hide and cheat me out of watching you do your sissy walk.

Your only option is to do the walk of shame back to the car still fully dressed up like a prize pony and teeter in your heels all the way back to the car with everyone watching.

Ninety Minute Package: $750

Public Restaurant Humiliation By Your Gorgeous Date

This session is where you go out with a gorgeous woman and are made to feel small and utterly pathetic.

We will be going to a restaurant of my choice but you will have made all of the arrangements.

Of course, I will meet you there, it is not like a Lady such as myself would ever want to be seen with someone like you for any longer than is necessary.

We are seated and you are not allowed to talk to anyone at any time.

When the waiter brings the menu I give one back and say one will be enough.

I then proceed to choose what you will be allowed to eat and I will be ordering for you while explaining to the waiter multiple times how hopeless you are at picking your own food or doing anything for yourself for that matter.  All whilst sending you on naughty tasks as I enjoy a lovely meal.

Ninety Minute Package: $750 + any costs for the meal.



 Text first as I am not always somewhere I can openly chat. Any inappropriate content will result in your number being blocked. 


   Please keep your e-mail polite and to the point. Include as

 much information about yourself and your interests as possible. 

Pictures are appreciated in your reply email, but nothing graphic.


    Thank you! 

I am not offering outcall services at this time.  With the exception of certain scripted sessions.

When you come for your appointment please have your donation pre-counted in an envelope.  No discussion of fees shall be made during our session.  I accept cash or prearranged Venmo and gifts only.

Select On-Going Arrangements - For those looking for regular and ongoing engagements, I offer special payment arrangements. This is perfect for those looking to form a deeper bond, friendship, and level of intimacy. Please e-mail me for more information.

All sessions (excluding same-day, hour massages for return friends) now require a 50% deposit.  Sorry guys - My time is valuable and very limited, and unfortunately not all gentlemen honour their commitments. 

Venmo: @Emma-Bailey-58 

Cancellation Policy:


I understand that life can interrupt our plans, and things pop up. Timely communication is paramount.  Failure to communicate on time will be seen as an intent to cancel. 

Should you need to adjust our appointment time/date I'll be happy to accommodate you within the same day/week if possible 

If we are unable to find another time or day within the same week that works and the appointment is canceled:

- More than 48hrs prior: Deposit not refundable. 

- Within 48hrs of appt: you are required to make 50% of the donation

- Within the same day of appt: you are required to make 100% of the donation

 All makeup donations may be made via:

Venmo: @Emma-Bailey-58


If you cancel twice in a row, you will be required to make the full donation in advance before any other sessions will be booked.


I will also not book any other sessions with you until all arrears have been made good. 

Thank you for your understanding.


I look forward to the pleasure of your company... 


No blocked numbers. No text messages.

[email protected]

I'm Ready to book


The Six Basic Skills of True Submission:

I encourage you to review these six basic skills closely and strive to put them into practice as best as you are able. 

These form the bedrock of your submissive experience.


1. Honesty: Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust, true D/s cannot exist. You must pledge yourself to be purely honest with me in every conceivable way, as I must pledge the same to you. If you have questions about what I expect of you, be honest and speak up. There is nothing wrong with asking questions respectfully, and is much preferable to remaining ignorant. If you are asked to do something which you somehow are just plain unable to do, it is vitally important that you tell me, as opposed to lying to me.


2. Submissiveness: You are here to learn to submit. You have petitioned me to accept power over you, and I have accepted. You are to be polite, compliant, and to show me the respect I have earned. You are to strive daily to make your submission to me total, complete, and pure.


3. Intelligence: Your petition was accepted because you are an intelligent man. I expect your intelligence to act as the engine that drives your submissive development.


4. Devotion: You must always exhibit deep devotion, both to me as your Dominant and to the promises you made in your contract. You are to be attentive to my every nuance and sensitive to my mood. If I have to tell you two times that you are to do something a specific way, it gives me the impression that you are not thinking, or just don't care. This is not at all pleasing. Put some thought and creativity into your service. Listen when I tell you my hopes and dreams and try to fulfill my desires. Be observant and respond quickly when I ask you for your thoughts or feelings.


5. Communication: Dominants are not psychics. While I try my best to be sensitive to your needs, I cannot read your mind. I would much rather have you tell me your fantasies so I put that information to use when I choose than have to guess. I don't like to play with subs that constantly say "Whatever pleases you, Ma'am". If you are not enjoying it, chances are I won't be enjoying it, either. Respond quickly when I ask you for your thoughts or feelings and commit yourself to never keeping anything from me.


6: Self Respect: Value yourself, and I will value you too. There is no thrill in dominating a doormat, or someone that thinks so little of themselves they will submit to anyone at any time.


The most common questions I get asked frequently, with their answers are below:

How far in advance should I schedule, and are you available for last minute appointments?

I'd like to be more flexible, but as I'm involved with projects outside these engagements, the more advance notice you can provide, the more likely it will be for me to see you.

I sent you an email but I haven't heard back from you?

I try to check my emails as often as possible and usually respond soonest unless I'm out of town or am "otherwise" engaged. However, I do not respond to explicit or one-line emails asking inappropriate questions. If you would like to see me on short notice I would ask that you instead text me.

Do you have a career / business outside this industry? If so, why do you stay on?

Yes, I have acquired the knowledge and skills to work in other environments.  I do have a very rewarding career outside of this. I stay on because I honestly love these engagements, it’s fulfilling to me and I have been fortunate enough to meet some truly wonderful friends, some of whom my best conversations, learning, and experiences have been with. I’m not yet ready to give it up.

Are the photos of you authentic?

Absolutely! I do not believe in false promotion. They are recent to show you what I look like now, not yesterday or what I hope to attain. Although I frequently do change my hairstyle and colour.  Also, I do have a lot of very tasteful ink - which is always photoshopped out or covered for discretion purposes.  So if ink on a lady is not to your tastes, then neither will I be.

My friends agree that I'm very pretty and I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

What exactly can I expect?

Mutual participation; the most blissful and thrilling moments come when two people respect each other, respect boundaries and are open to explore, engage and connect when sharing in delight. The friend who enjoys me most is the one who appreciates the person they meet, and and want more than just a specific type or particular body part. It's the friend who knows how to treat a woman of class and intellect who's very sensual and responsive.

What do your expect of a possible friend?

Integrity and common courtesy are attributes my friends already possess. I expect to be treated with dignity and respect at all times and that your intentions of meeting me will be because you want to spend time with me, as an individual.

How can I give you your donation?

I do not like to mix business with pleasure and prefer to not discuss it at all, so please feel free to enquire with me and have it dealt with beforehand. It also indicates your sincerity and allows us to enjoy a carefree rendezvous, without unnecessary hiccups.  Please provide the cash or money order in an envelope, magazine or book and hand it to me as soon as we meet or slip it in my purse discreetly. That way we are both at ease and can begin to enjoy each other's company!

At this point, it is already expected that you have made an informed decision about meeting me, so please try to refrain from asking questions like "what is your fee again?", or haggle-on.. be a real gentleman and avoid putting me in a position where I have to ask.

Can I bring you a small gift?

Of course - like every woman I do love gifts. It can be flowers, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, jewelry, a book of interest, perfume, or just a small surprise! It does not matter how small or expensive your gift may be, for me it is the thought, a sign of your attentiveness that is much appreciated and will not be left unnoticed.

Do you travel?

I am currently enrolled in a program of study, so please take that into account when planning travel with me. However, I do welcome travel engagements. With enough notice, I can fly to meet you anywhere. I have a US Passport and am available for international travel. I am conversant in French, Gaelic, and of course, English, and am always looking for an opportunity to improve my language skills and cultural awareness.

I travel worldwide primarily on special request. If you would like to be notified when I will visit your city or country, email me and I will add you to that particular city's email notification list.

What will you wear?

I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear questionable attire.

Do you accommodate Special Requests?

Yes, if you would like something "special" or have an "unusual" request, please make your request known to me via email, so that we are sure it "can" be accommodated. If you enjoy beautiful lingerie or you would like to request particular items for me to wear, by all means, I'd love to..with one caveat - you will have to provide it.

Do you do Stags - Bachelor Parties?

No, I devote my company exclusively (with the exception of special requests from my friends I already know). I do not provide “girls” or operate as an agency, if that is what you are looking for I will suggest you see the local newspapers or agencies.

How may I address You?

Humbly and respectfully at all times.  Privately in My presence or over the phone, you have three choices.  You will address me as “Mistress,” “Goddess,” or “Ma’am.”  If I choose to be seen with you in public, you may address me as “my Darling” in front of others.  If I allow you to correspond with me in E-mails or texts, you will address me as “Mistress,” “Goddess,” or “Ma’am,” and you will show your gratitude, submission and respect by using the D/s convention of always capitalizing My name or any pronoun referring to Me, but never capitalizing your name or any reference to yourself, even at the beginning of a sentence.

How do I get the experience I want?

Place your trust completely in me.  Surrender your body, your mind, your fantasies – even your sexual identity – to me.  Fully submit yourself to my care, custody, and control, for I own you whenever you are in my presence, and often even when you are not.  Be specific about your fantasies – a huge way to serve me while you are away from me is to acknowledge that I am your biggest fantasy, and to pay homage to me by telling me specifically what your fantasies about me have been.  You are also generously invited to comment on stories, fantasies, blogs, scenarios, or scenes on my website that fascinate you or capture your interest or curiosity.  Do not be afraid to make yourself completely vulnerable to me – you cannot have the experience I want for you unless you do.

How can I ensure that my hard limits are respected?

If you have never seen me before, I may ask you questions about your pain threshold or current level of experience.  For example, imagine yourself kneeling at your Mistress’s feet, anticipating Her direction and instruction.  You are apprehensive, hoping that at last you have found the One who will finally accept you for who you really are.  As you wait nervously, you feel your Mistress’s hair and breath against your ear, and you hear her gentle but confident whisper, asking you intimate questions you have always longed to answer truthfully without fear of rejection, such as:

 “Do you ever fantasize about wearing bras and panties?” – to find out where you are on feminization;

or "Does the thought of being bound and losing control excite you?" - to find where you are on bondage.

This is because the reason you seek me is to test you, push you, and take you right up to the edge of your unique limits, but it would never serve me to scar you emotionally or scare you in any way that would inhibit your ability to trust me absolutely.  Sometimes a submissive fears disapproval or rejection and will subconsciously hide his true feelings about an experience.  While I can usually see through such a pathetic façade, for your own peace of mind I also offer you the following phrases you may use without penalty or punishment, but which may invite scorn or scolding if abused, and if severely abused could result in banishment.  “Yellow light” means that you are near your hard limit and to please “back it off a little bit.”   “Red light” terminates the activity and temporarily converts the session into a learning experience.

How are You able to bring out in me what is already inside me?

You will be pleased to know that I pride myself on reading people. My pleasure comes from controlling pleasure, and I do so by reading facial expressions, body language, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing patterns, heart rate and tone of voice.  Even something as slight as the dilation of my subbie’s pupils will give me insight to where you are.